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Baja Mode

Mode Character

  • Trophy truck

  • High dynamic ride height

  • Loose body movement

  • Nose high (front end high)

  • Ideal for rough/large input terrain

Use Areas

  • Desert/Baja

  • Whoops

  • Sand highway in Glamis

What the Suspension Is Doing

Compression Damping: High compression damping for absorbing bumps and not bottoming out in deep holes.

Rebound Damping: Low rebound damping allowing maximum shock extension for absorbing next bump. Slightly more rebound damping in the rear to stabilize chassis and provide front high feel.

Active Events: Very aggressive vehicle events so cornering, braking, and acceleration can still be done aggressively. On short duration Airborne events the dampers are biased to keep the nose high so that the vehicle leans back when traversing whoops.

What the Steering System Is Doing

Large input bump rejection. Medium assist level with a good balance between feeling the front-end grip and turning effort.