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Smartwarmer Heated Grips (if equipped)

The Smartwarmer heated grips automatically adjust in response to ambient temperature and wind chill to always keep the temperature of the grips at the desired temperature. Three individually controlled heated grips comprise the Smartwarmer heated grips. The heated grip surfaces are: the left handgrip, right handgrip, and right thumb throttle lever.

There are four heat level settings:

  • Low

  • Medium

  • High

  • Off

Change the heat level by pressing the Heated Grip button 1 on the left hand controls or by opening the Badge Panel.

The heat levels of the grips are customizable by temperature. To change the temperature settings of your hand grips heat levels, press the Badge Panel button on the display and then the Controls tab.

In the Heated Grips section of the Badge Panel, press the Heated Grip Settings button on the touchscreen. To customize the temperature of your hand grips and thumb lever, use the Plus and Minus buttons beside each heat level to choose your preferred setting. Click the X in the top left of the screen, or the Back button, to close the menu.

Button Button Name Function
Heated Grips Button Changes the level of hand grip warmth to low, medium, high, or off.
Heated Grips Settings Opens the Smartwarmer settings to customize the temperature of each heat level.
Plus Button Increases the grip warmth by one degree.
Minus Button Decreases the grip warmth by one degree.
Reset to factory default Reset to factory default text Sets the temperatures back to the factory default settings.
To change the temperature units from Fahrenheit or Celsius, open the All Settings menu from the Badge Panel and navigate to the General tab.