The Owner's Manual for this vehicle contains warnings, instructions and other information you must read and fully understand before safely riding or performing maintenance on this vehicle. Always follow the warnings and instructions in Owner's Manual.

Click the link above for the Table Of Contents, or download a full PDF of the Owner Manual in the Owner Support area of Polaris.com.

Badge Panel

The Badge Panel provides easy access to frequently used features, basic display and vehicle controls, and a list of recent notifications.

Accessing the Badge Panel

There are two ways to open the Badge Panel, press the Badge Panel button (Polaris Logo) 1 at the top of the touchscreen or the Polaris Menu hard button 2 on the right of the display.


PRESS and HOLD the Polaris Menu hard button for 2 seconds to disable the touchscreen.

  • 1 Badge Panel Button

  • 2 Display Brightness

  • 3 Display Mode

  • 4 App Tray

  • 5 Controls Tab

  • 6 Notifications Tab

  • 7 Heated Grips (if equipped)

  • 8 Fuel Type

  • 9 Lock Vehicle Button (activated by dealer)

  • 10 All Settings Button