The Owner's Manual for this vehicle contains warnings, instructions and other information you must read and fully understand before safely riding or performing maintenance on this vehicle. Always follow the warnings and instructions in Owner's Manual.

Click the link above for the Table Of Contents, or download a full PDF of the Owner Manual in the Owner Support area of Polaris.com.

Audio Screen

Your snowmobile is not equipped with a speaker system. Audio can only be transmitted through a Bluetooth® media device or headset. Only one device and one headset can be connected at a time.

Audio playback through USB or Bluetooth® devices are compatible with your Ride Command display. The Music Screen allows you to access music stored on your smartphone or other music device. You can pair your device using Bluetooth®, or by connecting it to the display’s USB port.

Device Requirements

Audio playback is only available on USB flash drives formatted to ex-FAT® or FAT32 and operating systems iOS® 10 and Android® 5.0 or newer.

The USB connector within the unit is NOT meant for charging mobile devices or connecting/syncing the device to your display or RIDE COMMAND account. The USB Connector is strictly for USB Flash drives (2.0 or 3.0) to transfer data to or from the display or to update RIDE COMMAND software, maps, trails, or points of interest.